Thursday, May 7, 2009

Of Warnings Not Heeded

Told you. Anger Roy, get punished.


  • Manny who?
  • I'm off for a few days of R&R, during which time I have no intention of checking in here or otherwise utilizing a computer. Kicking it old school. Pay phones and motels with actual keys. Paying cash for bottles of Genny. Etc. Anyway, enjoy the weekend, the games, and the weather (if applicable).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Word of Advice to the Los Angeles Americans Base Ball Club

Do not anger this man. I mean, any more than you already have by deigning to step onto the same field.

If you choose to ignore my advice, ask yourself a simple question: Can I run faster than this stadium will fall?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Few Things

Alright, yeah, you know what? I'd switch teams to get close to Aaron Hill. There, I said it. What the hell.

And yes, last night's extra innings loss -- after a couple of comebacks, mind -- fully sucked. But there's no overstating how awesome it was to see Tallet dealing like that after getting rocked like a hurricane in his last start.

And okay, I was largely absent from my spot on the couch this past weekend for the Baltimore sweep (in my defense, what could be more punk rock than eating tomatoes and eggplant that you yourself grew?!?). I did slide inside on Saturday afternoon just in time to see Barajas rumbling home like a runaway jalopy and Aaron Hill (see first item) just about blowing a gasket. Only later did I get the backstory. He was singing "Redemption Song!"

Also, I think it important that I mention this: Is there a sweatier human being than Fausto Carmona?

And finally, rumour has it that Brett Cecil makes his debut today, but since my TV listings make no mention of a Jays game, anywhere, I have to assume that rumour is bunk, and that Toronto has an off-day today. Right?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ready For Your Close-Up, Mr. Cecil?

We knew moves were coming, and Bastien reports that Purcey is on his way down to Vegas along with Burres and Bullington, all to make way for Cecil, Robert Ray and Brian Wolfe. Cecil likely starts Tuesday, meaning Ray goes tomorrow. Fine, but I'm more anxious to see Brett Cecil (who's name always makes me think, unfortunately, of Poison, but that says more about me than it does about him) make his first start.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have in store a long afternoon of anticipation: firstly for The Tao's Friday Rock Out, and then for Halladay's start tonight against the O's.