Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"He's some kind of special."

Rueters photo, via Daylife.

"What he's able to do with that baseball, it's like playing a video game for me. You put that target down and away, or you put that target in, and you know the man is going to go out there and execute his pitches. He's some kind of special." -- Rod Barajas

A open letter to the half-dozen or so people who read this blog with any regularity

Thanks for reading, and so long. I've decided that I'll basically retire this portal, while leaving the possibility of the odd missive from time to time, simply due to time constraints . It's gotten to the point where posting here was more obligation than passion, and that's no good. I've long felt that, with the embarrassment of riches that is the Jays' blogosphere, I don't really have anything novel to contribute. So I'll revert to being a reader of all the great sites that obsessively cover all things Blue Jays-related (check the links on the right).

It's not as though I've stopped watching the games -- on the contrary, this nutty season has sparked in me an even deeper appreciation of the game and this team. Watching what Roy Halladay is doing this year is a gift to baseball fans, an incredible display that I'll enjoy seeing to its conclusion (in early November, obvs.). And somebody better be taking notes, because Doc's biography is a book I'm going to enjoy reading once it's written.

But while I'm very happy to watch and read and to be a fan, I'm no longer feeling that urge to relive every game on this page. If (when) the Jays make the postseason I might feel differently, if only to have a personal record of those heady days, but as a daily exercise, The Bottom of the Order is no longer.

Thanks for reading.

Go Jays.