Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trading Thirds: Glaus for Rolen

I like it.

I mean, finally, the Jays make a move, and at first, when MLB Trade Rumors broke it, I wasn't sure it made any sense. They're trading one injury-prone third baseman for another, with a longer contract. But if Rolen's healthy (I know: BIG if), he's a massive step up in defense. On days when Halladay is pitching, Johnny Mac figures to be the shortstop (and not Eckstein - what the hell is that all about, by the way?), and with Hill at second, that is an incredible infield. Will anything get through? And we're all counting on power from Wells, Thomas, Rios and Overbay, so a guy like Rolen who's more about getting on base will balance nicely.

January is all about optimism. Everybody's a contender, and every new face a potential all-star. But all considered, I think this trade has the chance to be a good move for Toronto. Here's hoping, anyway.

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