Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dunedin High

Scotty Rolen showed up for his first day of school today. He managed to avoid the dreaded first day schoolyard beatdown, but according to Bastien, Rolen already had a playmate in Vernon Wells, who texted Rolen before the third baseman even had a team physical...

Congrats, Rolz. U made a gr8 decision waiving ur no trade. Iz gonna b a fun year.

Rolen33: Word up.

V-Dub: Dont believe wht u hear about r turf. Iz nice n soft.

Rolen33: Glad 2 hear it, lol. Whats Gibbons like?

V-Dub: He's soft 2, ha ha. Dont worry, you could beat his a$$.

Later, Rolen axed if Alex Rios had a gf.

Much noise is being made about the Jays apparent willingness to sign ex-Jay Shannon Stewart as a fourth (fifth?) outfielder. Despite the results of the Southpaw's detailed breakdown of Stewart vs. the Johnson/Stairs LF platoon, my gut (my instant rebuttal to any statistical breakdown that doesn't back up what seems obvious to me) says his good '07 in Oakland was a late career blip, and that we're better off banking on Reed Johnson's back and Matt Stairs' own late career blip. Luckily for me and the other doubters, Jeff Blair is reporting that the deal is pretty much dead in the water. Yesterday's news. Kaput. A non-issue.

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