Friday, February 1, 2008

Thoughts on Johan Santana

So this whole damn Johan Santana thing has finally shaken down, and now he's a Metropolitan, and a well-paid one at that. And the Twins get four guys nobody but Bill James has ever heard of, but to say they got fleeced is, of course, simplistic. They got prospects in exchange for one year of a pitcher's services. Oh, sorry - one year of the greatest pitcher on planet Earth's services. Who's a lefty.

If I'm a Brave or a Phillie, I'm very nervous right now.

But the greatest part of this whole deal is that it's finally done, because I'm sick to death of MLB Trade Rumor's daily "Johan Santana Rumors" post. And now, every deal that has been held up waiting to see where JS would go can finally proceed. The log jam has cleared, and normal life can resume for us all.

And regarding Santana, that means we can all get back to hoping he doesn't make like his namesake, enjoy several productive years, then withdraw from the limelight before mounting a return long after it was advisable, and teaming up with some pretty questionable talent.

You're better than that, Johan.

[Heavy sigh] Twelve days...

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