Sunday, March 30, 2008

At Last

Miss Me?

I’ve kept silent for many weeks now, reasoning that I didn’t have much to offer in the way of analysis, conjecture or, let’s face it, entertainment. I was just out of gas. Besides, all those other, better Jays blogs had all the news worth knowing. They’ve been on hand to tell you all about Casey Janssen’s aborted season and the resulting reinstatement of Litsch to the rotation, the departures of Reed and Sal, Rolen’s gnarled digit, Matty’s bum hip, The Mighty Rios’s possible extension, and anything else regarding your Toronto Blue Jays that was worth knowing.

But now, baseball’s really, truly back. Not Opening-in-Japan back, and not Flown-Up-North-For-a-Couple-of-Exhibition-Games back, but honest-to-god back, and with it comes the not so incisive and only marginally interesting commentary of yours truly.

The Long March is Over

Tonight’s appetite whetter between the Braves and Nats is a sweet lotion balm to our chafed souls, a lovely teaser to tomorrow’s full slate – including, most importantly, the matinee Jays-Yanks tilt.

But a few thoughts about this Sunday nighter, the (inter)nationally televised debut of Nationals Park

The yard looks nice enough, certainly inoffensive if not terribly distinctive. But as a baseball-only facility, it marks the long-sought conclusion to the Montreal Expos’ wanderings in the desert. Washington’s backroomers pulled off what a Bronfman and Jeffrey Loria (Curse His Name) could not, and the team finally has a house of its own. I’m not bitter toward the people of Washington; the US capital deserves a team. But I’m left to wonder what might have been had a downtown Montreal ballpark ever materialized.

Speaking of debuts, the Braves have rolled out new road duds for this one, an all-blue jersey (meh) and an understated, all-blue cap (i.e. no red brim). I like the hat. It’s simple, and in baseball, simple is good (hear that, Uncle Ted?).

Also, is it true that in Washington, Democrats wear the blue Nats road caps, and Republicans wear the red home version? Anybody know?

Jays vs. Yankees

Like George Will says, every team goes into the season knowing they’ll win 60 games and lose 60 games, and they play the whole season to decide those remaining 42 contests. I know tomorrow’s Jays opener is but one game, one measly April game, but I’d like nothing better than to see Toronto come out strong and feed the Yankees their lunch. Fuck the Yankees, and to hell with reverence for Yankee Stadium. I’ll be watching (hopefully), as well as keeping an eye on the Drunkards’ blow-by-blow, and what I’ll be watching for is early offense and smothering defense, as well as the Doc’s usual brand of excellence. Wake the Yankees up and let them know they’ll have to scrap for a spot atop the division (or, more realistically, the wild card).

The Season: ’08 Jays – An Inside Look at Your Blue Jays

When the commercials promised unprecedented access to the team, I figured there’d be cameras present for team meetings, or more in-depth interviews, maybe some shocking confessions, some tears, or some salty comments caught on mic. But I guess what they meant was footage of Vernon Wells’s arthroscopic procedure.

Regardless, good watching. Should make for must-see TV every Sunday evening, before Jon and Joe.

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