Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Things unfolded more or less as designed last night, with AJ coming strong - even if he didn't have all his stuff, as The Mockingbird suggests, he was hitting his spots. There was that scare when he landed awkwardly on Jeter's groundball, but thankfully all his moving parts seem to have remained in good working order (and the errant throw allowed for yet another instance of Rios awesomeness - can we please just have that extension announcement already?).

As predicted, Vernon Wells went 3-4 (so we were off by 1 RBI).

So what if Eckstein did nothing but ground into DPs? And Aaron Hill's still not hitting high in the order, where he will surely mash all that comes his way and develop into the perennial all-star he is destined to become. But I'm nitpicking; the Jays played well, on the whole, and handed the goddamn Yankees their asses. A win's a win, but it always seems so much more satisfying when it's New York doing the losing (especially when a reliever like Brian Tallet steps in and Ks Alex Rodriguez to stifle a rally - note to self: check to see if Tallet is still available in your fantasy league).

Tonight: One more from THE STADIUM (didja hear this is its last season?), McGowan against Hughes. Our young guy will totally kick their young guy's ass. And - thrill of thrills - the chance to hear Rod Black wax poetic about the city and the team and the general aura of magnificence that permeates all matter when the pinstripes are on hand.

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