Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Weekend Gone

Well, damn. Sunday felt kind of like the long, grueling payback for Saturday's excesses, didn't it?

The '08 Jays are kind of like that party-addled friend you had back in your early twenties -- good for a laugh, and capable of some amazing stuff, but maybe, probably, likely, not there for you when it counted. Two steps forward, two steps back.

But maybe, like a bad buddy comedy, he pulls if off in the end? With every passing series, the odds the Jays can arrange that kind of miraculous ending grow increasingly remote.

Still, those were some good times, weren't they?

Marcum Demoted?

Wha?I'm beginning to suspect that the Toronto brass has different sense of what the minors are for than many of the rest of us. Are they teaching Marcum a lesson, or does he have mechanical troubles similar to those that got Litsch sent down (and, of course, his were miraculously cured -- we can hope for a repeat). Cheer up, Shaun, Syracuse is a hell of a town.

The Olympics are Stupid and I Can Prove It

Baseball is no longer an Olympic sport, but BMX racing is? Seriously? I understand the ratings boost that beach volleyball might provide, but BMX?

Oh, and congrats to South Korea.

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