Friday, August 29, 2008

OMFG Like Is It Rilly True OMFG?!?!?!?!

Seriously? Here I was all ready to go with a bit about how I love optimism and hope as though it were a tremulous pink flower, fragrant, precious, unique, etc. but even I have to admit that, heck, it's just about September and they've dropped 2 of 3 to Tampa and really, though I might try to squint at the standings and make them say what I want them to, it's just about over for this tease of a baseball team, but hey, at least they have a winning record, and maybe the reason to watch in September will be to see just how winning they'll end up (Cito's .500 + 10? Better? Worse?) and how the call ups fare. But this call up? Never did I dream!

Maybe that's JP's thinking -- keep 'em glued. I mean, I'll watch baseball anyway, at any time, contention be damned (I'm still tuning into M's games when Sportsnet deigns to show them, fer chrissakes), but now, well now I have to watch. Because either it'll be amazing and Snider will rake like Redford in that movie and we'll all think this is exactly what we had all hoped for, or he'll struggle and I'll watch through my fingers thinking, Jesus, Toronto, did you just ruin this phenom's career by bringing him up to early? Either way, high drama.

I'll miss Stairs like that badass uncle who livens up an otherwise staid family gathering by drinking too many Lakeports and talking to you about chicks, but then leaves early because he's got another barbeque to 'hit', but I'm comforted by the thought that maybe he'll find himself in the playoffs this season.

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