Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God Bless Matt Stairs

The impending Phillies-Rays World Series is probably a ratings nightmare in the making, but for us ball fans, it promises thrills. I mean, holy shit. The Rays? They look flat out unbeatable, and they're the most recent poster children for doing it right with a low payroll. And as for the Phillies, atta'boy Matt Stairs. We were all sorry to see him go, but at least he's going to get to play in a World Series.


So, yeah, Paul Beeston is the Jays new interim CEO, the latest name exhumed from the glory years to make folks believe it's '93 all over again (it might be, for the Phils). I'm like: psssht, whatevs. Maybe there's more to this, maybe not. Don't care. Give me this sort of news in baseball-starved January and I'll eat it up; right now I just want to see somebody do something in Philadelphia or Tampa Bay that'll be worth remembering 20 years from now, just like I'm sitting here remembering something that happened 20 years ago tonight.

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