Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Somnambulism, etc.

Today proved a handy day-long refresher in reasons I don't regularly stay up to watch West Coast games that go to extra innings. NEVERTHELESS, if you didn't find yourself completely engrossed in that final, not only do you not love baseball, but I daresay you hate the world and everything in it.

But don't take my word for it; the real baseball cognoscenti have weighed in. Witness!

  • SI's Tom Verducci posits that Japan is great for not hitting home runs, and that Americans are foolish (for not caring about the WBC)
  • Larry Stone sheds light on Yu Darvish's Seahawk-lovin' dad, and wonders if that admittedly skimpy connection might one day land Yu with the M's
  • Lloyd runs down the hard lessons to be gleaned from Korea's loss
  • Even Parkes of the usually jaded and disdainful Drunkards felt the excitement (see Item 4)

(Also: Ichiro is incredible. I love Ichiro. I'm renaming my daughter Ichiro.)

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Lloyd the Barber said...

He's the so much fun to watch, a total original.