Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Counting Our Blessings

First of all, that game was beautiful. Shame we couldn't watch it, Sportsnet, but at least we could listen (more on that in a minute). Purcey did about as much as you could ask (short of controlling a pair of nutty throws), and yes, I have accepted Scott Rolen as my personal Lord and Savior, with Aaron Hill as his favoured apostle.

Ryan? Well, "one bad pitch" (to Brandon Inge?) is what they're saying about BJ's performance. Er, we'll see.

But now, the reason for that image above... we're lucky to have Alan Ashby. I caught him briefly on The Fan with McCown yesterday, casually deferring the oportunity to offer a win total prediction for the Jays, and they man is all class, in addition to knowing his shit. I use the hell out of the MLB Gameday Audio, listening to games from all over the place -- Chicago, Seattle, Cincinnati, Cleveland, wherever -- and I have to say that in Jerry and Alan we've got about the best radio team in the game. Just a pleasure to listen to.


eyebleaf said...

It's amazing how good we have it on radio, and how frighteningly awful we have it on TV.

Roberto Suzuki said...

So true. Feast or famine in Jaysland.