Thursday, April 30, 2009


Man, that KC offense is a real meat grinder for opposing pitchers, huh? After making Brian Tallet look completely awkward, they totally made Brian Burres appear to be a marginal pitcher with no business being on a major league roster. Lucky for Doc he avoids that whirring blade of humiliation and ERA inflation. I pity the next staff to face the mighty Royals bats, unless it's the Yankees.

I'm just brightsiding here, but hitting into six double plays and still score six runs will win you a game most of the time. Most of the time when Brian Burres isn't pitching.


  • Because I'm a complete shut-in, I'm a little jazzed by the news that the Mariners will be paying tribute to the '39 Seattle Rainiers (PCL champs, dontcha know) on Saturday by wearing Rainiers throwbacks (they should be similar to the '41 version seen here). I want one.
  • Related: Shame Lucky Lohrke won't be around to see it. Do yourself a favour and read Larry Stone's piece about Lorhke and his insane life. The things he survived are staggering; a movie made about this man's life would be a thousand times better than Benjamin Button (best Best Picture winner since Braveheart!).
  • Quasi-related (to the first bullet): Hey, tomorrow's another Flashback Friday, right? Bring on the embarrassing pajama unis! Who looks the most uncomfortable in them things? Bajaras? Snider (who's too young to remember powder blue road uniforms)? Votes? Anybody?
  • Completely unrelated: If I come across one more lazy journalist phoning it in with a story about "staycations," I'll be very, very displeased. Easily the most annoying and over-abused trope of 2009. Hell, it even made the list! Desist!


eyebleaf said...

Embarrassing? Those unis are BOSS. Embrace the past, brother.

Roberto Suzuki said...

EMBRACE the past? Hell, the past is all I've got.

The powder blues give me the warm nostalgias, don't get me wrong. If a player were to wear them right, like Dave Stieb did, which is to say tight and with a lot of sock and stirrup showing, then I'd be 100% behind them. But most guys wear them wrong, all baggy and loose and tucked into their cleats. Which sucks.