Friday, February 15, 2008

Ggood Enough For Me

Gregg Zaun has finally come out and addressed the allegations in the Mitchell Report that had his name on a check used to pay for magic muscle pills. Zauner's story is backed up by a nameless phantasm, sez the National Post, and so in the interest of I don't care anymore if in fact I ever did so can we just get on with it and play baseball, I'm fully willingg to believe him. Way to go, Gregg! Sorry we ever doubted you! I liken the whole thing to the time the dogg actually did eat my homework. True story.

Maybe of greater interest, though, is Parkes of Drunk Jays Fans fame uncoveringg this typographical oddity: Zaun's full name is Gregory, and yet he goes by Gregg - double 'g'. What? Huh?

That one might not have an explanation, but again, I'm willingg to give Zaun the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I like it. A lot.


t.u.g said...

It is definitely time to move on. They're all innocent because they havn't been proven guilty.

Zaun shouldn't have gone into depth about the whole situation like he did. To me, it sounded kind of pathetic.

Look At Banner Michael! said...

Now you’re going to get it Zaun!

With all do respect to the Double G, I don’t think he was high on the To Bust list. It never made any sense that he was even mentioned.

I agree, let’s play us some ball and sweep this mess under the carpet… again, just like Selig.

/a said...

Agreed, LABM, Zaun would be small fry for the cadre of steroid witchhunters. But I think they were interested in numbers. Like every cop who ever nailed me for speeding, they were just filling a quota.