Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nameless No More

Ottawa's Can-Am League team announced its name today, and unveiled the above logo. Not bad. As far as the name goes, I'm in favour of it largely due to the fact that I entered it in the name-the-team contest. I got an email today:

I am pleased to inform you that we have selected the name of the newest member of the Can-Am League – THE OTTAWA RAPIDS!

You and numerous other successful entrants submitted the name RAPIDS/RAPIDES. Your names will go into a draw to determine the winner of the two season tickets.

The grand prize winner’s name will be announced at our press conference on Thursday, February 14th. We will notify the lucky winner that afternoon.

All other entrants will receive an Ottawa Rapids souvenir as we get closer to the season. We will contact you once again to let you know when the souvenir will be available.

Again, thank you so much for your interest in Ottawa’s new team and we hope you will visit the ballpark many times this season to share in the excitement and enjoyment of this new entity.


No call yet (3:00), so I'd guess I didn't win those season tickets. Oh well. There's still the free game promised to all contest entrants, as well as that enticingly mysterious "Ottawa Rapids souvenir." A jersey? We live in hope.


Look At Banner Michael! said...

Where's the picture guy! I can't see it.

Congrats you won something!? We will let you know.

How much will tix be?

Happy Family Day Weekend!


/a said...

Stupid not-loading picture.

Go here:

And to confirm: I did not win season tickets, and I don't know how much tickets cost yet. I did win a prize to be named later. Probably a stupid golf shirt.

Happy whatever weekend to you, to!

(I figured you were the man behind LABM!)

/a said...

Fixed the image, maybe.