Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"It's hard to believe you, sir."

"You always got my back, right Andy? No matter what, right?"

I Can't Wait for the Movie

I wasn't going to bother with any of this Clemens bullshit
, because this blog is about baseball, whereas that's about lying, backstabbing and dry legal proceedings. But despite our best effort to look the other way, the human drama on view on Capitol Hill demands our attention, and besides, Jeff Blair's there (he's got a good rundown on the day's events here).

The key moment - the "You can't handle the truth!" kicker, the historical soundbite nearest to Joseph Welch's berating of Senator McCarthy, and the Oscar-baiting scene whenever this mess is made into a movie - had to be when Democratic House member Elijah Cummings said to Clemens, "You're one of my heroes. But it's hard to believe you, sir."

That's high drama.


The Drunk Jays Fans got all poetic today, and this just days after their stirring stylistic homage to Fellini. Who knew a liberal arts education was a prereq for joining the DJF ranks?

The Last Few Desperate Hours

Heaven almighty, end our suffering. For the love of all that is good and just, play some ball, fellas! Shag flies! Hit fungoes! Play pepper! This boy is exhausted for the waiting, already. If I have to hear any more crap about Ray Emery or the latest Sens acquisitions, I'll lose it. Just my luck, I live on the fringes of a hockey town, a place where Daniel Alfredsson's injuries lead the newscast - not the sports report, mind, but the newscast. I need some meaningless briefs from FLA and AZ by shirtsleeved reporters flanked by palm trees, their 'dos buffeted by the stiff Gulf breeze, just to leaven my February dread. Just a taste, please.

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