Monday, February 25, 2008

Party in Left Field

Things're gettin pretty crazy now. No sooner did I profess admiration for Reed Johnson, and express disbelief at the notion of JP signing Shannon Stewart, then whaddya know? Stewart's in camp and Reed's fighting for his half of the platoon. Lind still waits in the wings, and then there's that remote Jason Bay possibility...

As insurance, I like Stewart, and maybe for that added bit of pressure on Reed. See? That's him, glancing over his shoulder. I think that once it all shakes down, Stewart ends up in Syracuse to start the year and Johnson gets his chance to recreate 2006. But if he doesn't get off to a quick start, he's cut loose, Shannon's a Blue Jay again, and left field is something of a defensive weak spot for Toronto.

Or maybe somebody's on the move. Apparently the Jays don't like their chances of moving Reed, so maybe Lind's bait, Stewart gets a roster spot as backup OF and sometimes DH when Frank Thomas wants to sit, and they let Johnson walk after this year to make room for Travis Snider in '09?

- - -

Almost lost amid all the talk about the left field mess - and Rolen's health, and Eckstein's scrappiness, and so forth - was the fact that the Jays actually played a little baseball today. Hear that? They dressed up in smart-looking uniforms and played rounders! Today. The Blue Jays. Is that not news worthy of celebratory acts? Like another of these rum & cokes? (rums & coke?)

The best part? Sal Fasano launched one. I'd like to think he dedicated that one to JP, with a kiss.

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