Saturday, February 9, 2008

Three Strikes

1) Ever the optimist, I guess I can be happy that the fact that the O's and M's have finally made the Bedard-for-Jones-etc. swap means one less formidible pitcher for Toronto to contend with in the East. Still, as somebody who also likes the Mariners (blame Ichiro), I can't say that watching them bet the future on a run in '08 or '09 feels all that good. But here's hoping Orleans' own wins 2o games and the M's outlast the Angels to take the West, only to fall before the Wild Card Jays in the ALDS.

2) I'm an idiot. Remember, way back when, when I called the idea of a Cubs-Jays interleague matchup "highly hypothetical"? Well, it wasn't until this morning that I really bothered to study the Jays' '08 schedule, and guess what I found? Right. June 13-15, the birds will entertain the Cubbies at Rogers Centre. Here's hoping Chicago has a sizeable lead in the NL Central by then, because I'm going to need them to drop all three of those games. Priorities. This idiot does have priorities.

3) Is it wrong of me to feel heartened by the shitstorm kicked up amongst the Blue Jays blogging family by the masterminds' decision to make tickets available to out-of-towners before homers? Because I do feel that way. No question it's a boneheaded move, even if it does make great business sense. In the alchemical equation that yields happy and loyal baseball fans, sometimes the buck counts for less than the heart. Or maybe it's a matter of optics. Whatever; the anger on display by the Drunk Jays Fans, The Tao and over at Hum & Chuck brings home the point that Toronto really does have a core of smart, passionate fans, and that pleases me. It also makes for some damn funny and indignant posts. I don't live in or near the 416, so the move doesn't directly effect me, but it does make the Rogers braintrust seem like a bush league organization.


Domiso "the shirt burner" Garcia said...

I for one am equally as glad to have Bedard out of the East.

Anonymous said...

1. Bye Bye Bedard, it was nice knowing you. Now I will never get to see him pitch on the West coast.

2. I can't wait to buy tickets!

3. Bullshit move. You stay classy Jays brass. Maybe it's like a timeshare thing. They get all of these out-of-towners to come and see the Jays, but before the game you have to sit through a 3 hour “Move to Toronto” seminar with JP. Sad news is they will never get good seats ever again.

/a said...

1. Maybe he pitches when the M's visit Toronto June 9-11?

2. Cubs are also playing in the LAST EVER Hall of Fame Game in June, and Cooperstown in tantilizingly close to me (saw the Jays-Orioles last year). But good luck getting tickets.

3. They might enjoy unlimited access to the best seats in the house, if JP and Godfrey are successful in alienating all the Jays fans actually IN Toronto.