Monday, April 21, 2008

So Long, Frank

Well, damn.

I just about did a spit-take upon hearing the news yesterday ("just about" but for the lack of beverage, see). But after parsing it out, I suppose it makes sense. This, we are to believe, is that much-heralded "sense of urgency" claiming its first victim.

But in order for good things to happen for both parties - the Jays not being on the hook for $10M next year, and Frank to still see some playing time - this was the only solution. The Jays eat the '08 portion of the contract, and Frank is free to pursue other options...

Like maybe Seattle? USS Mariner weighs in there, and Mariners GM Jim Bavasi doesn't rule it out. I think there might be some teams out there who will forgive Thomas' slow start, and see the possibility of Bonds-like numbers at DH, without the Bonds-like baggage. (Speaking of, the Jays will not - NOT - sign Bonds, or I'll eat my shoe [figuratively speaking].)

So, Adam Lind - are you just about ready for your close-up?

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Cool Runnings said...

I agree, give Lind the look, good call /a