Friday, April 25, 2008

This Seems an Appropriate Time to Reference That Tom Petty Song

This team is in free fall, and no pressure, Scott Rolen, but tonight, at pastoral Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, we're gonna need you to go ahead and be the parachute.

I'm not wrong in thinking that whole series was a pretty minor league effort by Toronto, am I? Jamie Campbell's enthusiastic labeling of the Rays as "Relentless!" notwithstanding, the Jays should have brought across a few more runs, right? Unless the Rays hitters truly are relentless, and Shields, Sonnanstine and company are that good a staff (to come clean, I did once see Andy Sonnanstine strike out 10 Concorde Quarry Dogs while playing for the Sanford Mainers of the NECBL). I mean, if we're looking at the eventual 2008 World Series Champions in the unlikely form of the Tampa Bay Rays, I guess there's no shame in being swept by them, right? At a minor league/spring training park? At Disneyworld? In April? I mean, those three games can't actually count, can they?

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