Sunday, July 27, 2008


A Thought
I'm about to enter radio silence here (again), as I'll be without regular internet access -- or a home -- for the next week or ten days or so, but before I go, a thought...

Imagine it was April again, or still, and that you are a passionate Blue Jays fan, and your beloved team has just turned in an impressive performance such as last night's 8-3 thumping of the Mariners. Doesn't your heart enlarge with thoughts of what might be to come? Aren't you pleased to see the machine firing on all cylinders, just as we had expected it to? To see Stairs hitting like that dude who used to play minor league ball but now tees off on your beer league pitching (that's how I always see Matt Stairs, FYI)? To see Alex Rios playing like Alex Rios should? Aren't your eyes damp, even just a little, when you think about how well the Jays stack up against in division rivals? And would you believe me if I told you that the Rays would be in first place in late July?

Instead, of course, having watched better than half a season, we know that such a performance is a rarity that only serves to highlight just how much utter crappiness this team has shown us. Call it an incredible series of bad breaks -- and yes, I take the point that they have had a few terrible stretches that have loused up the rest of the season -- but a little consistency was all that was needed. Is that too much to ask?

I'm chuzzed by this recent hot streak, of course. Any fan would be. But, like Tiffany said, It could have been so beautiful. There exists the outside chance that they could ascend the rankings and actually play some meaningful games in late September (and October), but realistically, Cito's .500 + 10 seems like a pretty decent goal right about now.

But imagine it was April...

The Last Round
The Jays could drive a trident through the heart of the Mariners this afternoon, but they'll have to get through future Yankee Jarrod Washburn to do it. For the home side, Marcum tries again to find his post-DL groove.

If It Can't Be Me
It should have been Tom Cheek, but if it's not, it might as well be Dave Niehaus entering the Hall of Fame. The deckhands aboard USS Mariner have a nice note up, a word of thanks and congratulations to their great broadcaster. Maybe next year it'll be us penning heartfelt remembrances to the voice of our team on the eve of his induction. Maybe.

The Wrap Up
You kids be good while I'm out. Be kind, do good work. Thank you, and good night.

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