Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meanwhile, in Seattle

I haven't had much to say about the Mariners this year, due mostly to the fact that there hasn't been much to say about the Mariners this year. They're stumbling through the worst season in team history. It's been ugly.

But then there's Ichiro. The Human Awesome has quietly gone and put together another incredible season, and last night he notched his 200th hit of 2008. For the 8th season in a row. My only question: will he employ a translator for his Hall induction speech?

But in other M's news, it comes to light now that Erik Bedard's got a torn labrum. USS Mariner suggests that we've seen the last of Bedard in a Seattle uniform, meaning that ex-GM Bill Bavasi traded the farm to Baltimore for 80 innings of starting work. Hard to argue that's not "the worst trade in franchise history."

The question becomes, can whoever takes over at GM rebuild while keeping the few essential pieces (Ichiro, Felix, Morrow, maybe a few others) in place?

Take heart, Jays fans. You could be Mariners fans.

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