Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sign Manny

Maybe he's just a bit eccentric, and maybe he doesn't always hustle, but what Manny Ramirez did in the sixth inning tonight was RIDICULOUS. There are very few human beings capable of going down and getting to a pitch like that, and fewer who can put it over the wall. And to my knowledge, there are no others who will be free agents after the 2008 World Series. I do not care who JP has to ask for permission to do this; going out and nabbing Manny this off-season should be job 1. Don't tell me he wouldn't love to come back to the AL East to stick it to the Red Sox with regularity.

Ah, the Postseason

TBS sucks. Dick Stockton is too old for this. And I'm too lazy to look this up, but where in the hell is Tony Gwynn from? Who talks like that? He sounds like an animated childrens' character, not a Hall of Fame hitter. And he does not sound like an -- oh, well, you know. We all think it, everytime he opens his mouth. Don't you lie to me. If I went ahead and said it, this would be a different blog.

The exception to TBS' suckery is, of course, Tom Verducci on the sidelines. (Sidelines? That doesn't sound right for baseball. "Foul territory reporter" is more accurate, but unwieldy, so we'll stick with "sideline reporter.")

But afternoon playoff baseball is just supremely fantastic. Am I right? Phils-Brewers before dinner, are you kidding me? That's flat-out righteous. Too bad it's just the early rounds; I wish MLB would wake the fuck up and schedule some afternoon World Series games. I know, I know, ratings are more important that attracting a new generation of fans, but damn it, I'm tired of waking up tired.

It Doesn't Look Good for the Cubs

It's quieter than a library at Wrigley right now, as Russell Martin just mashed one out in the ninth, making it 7-2 Dodgers. Christamighty, I didn't expect a score like that. Get'em in game 2, Big Zed.

Damn, Dick Stockton just told me that the team that has won game one of a Division Series has won 24 of 28 of said series. Well, I guess if you're trying to break a century-long championship drought, you're already looking at beating some long odds, right? Cubs in 5.

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