Friday, April 10, 2009

Afternoon Delight

Oh, yes, I love afternoon baseball, especially when I'm present (and snapping pictures -- you like?), and our debuting first round pitcher beats their debuting first round pitcher. That's a lovely thing to behold. Only downside being the get-out-of-town-for-the-holiday-weekend traffic on the DVP and 401. (Next time: train.)

Baseball on TV is good, of course (I believe I'll be indulging in some this afternoon), but nothing beats the ballpark, if only for the opportunity it affords to engage in baseball-themed conversation with a perfect stranger. In this case, Mike from Jamestown, NY, who found himself with a day off work and so made the drive up for the afternoon. It was nice talking to you, Michael. Hope your drive home was a safe one.

The only thing the afternoon lacked was a replay on that Rios ball-off-head incident. What happened there?


Incredibly sad news out of Anaheim. I hadn't heard about Adenhart's death until an announcement at Rogers Centre, which was followed by an appropriately somber moment of silence (even the videoboards went black), before yesterday's game. The BotO's thoughts are with Adenheart's family, friends and teammates. MLB made the right move in postponing last night's Angels-A's game.