Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanking Whatever Deity Might Be Responsible For These Wins

Litsch, BJ and Romero on the DL, and still this team finds ways to win. One of those ways is named Scott Richmond, who doesn't do it pretty, but he does it pretty well. Not sure we'll be saying the same thing about Brian Burres, though. Yeah, I'm worried about that. I won't suggest doing something rash like ponying up the cash that Pedro's asking for, but if this team is still in first place in May, maybe the Rogers braintrust loosens the pursestrings for a run?

And now, because while I do love The Tao, I could never really get behind the Gandharvas (and also because Roberto Suzuki ain't my real name), here's a little something for a sun-drenched Friday afternoon spent waiting for a game (somewhere, anywhere!) to start -- 'Andrew' by the Crystal Antlers:

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