Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Will It Take to Anger Alex Rios?

Notwithstanding tonight's decent performance, Alex Rios looks listless in '09. Maybe tonight's game will prove to be a turning point, but if it's not I have to wonder what it takes to piss this man off. Most of the time after he weakly grounds to short or lofts a lazy fly to centre with runners on and two out, he looks like he's thinking, "Whatevs, I'm pretty. And I will seek solace for my moderate shame in the beautiful arcs drawn in the sky by my expensive R/C helicopters." I can't help but think he needs some sort of motivation, and anger seems to work a treat for Roy "Don't Cross Me Twice" Halladay. Alex might be wise to emulate.

So get mad, pretty boy.


Hey, let's get Aaron Hill voted into the ASG. Just for kicks.

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